UPDATED 8/17/2020

Fall lessons begin in September. We will continue entirely online with KAM CAM lessons until further notice.

CAM KAM SHOWCASES, opportunities for KAM students to perform online, will resume in October for Halloween and continue through the Holiday Season.
See your teacher for details on deadlines for your performance videos.

UPDATED 5/22/2020

Summer lessons begin next week.  We will continue entirely online with KAM CAM lessons until further notice (Most likely Fall at the earliest).

KAM CAM SHOWCASES, opportunities for KAM students to perform online have been added to our programing.  See your teacher for details on deadlines for your performance videos.

UPDATED 3/27/2020

Dear KAM students and families,

Given the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 it has been decided that KAM will suspend all onsite lessons and classes until further notice (and we are well aware that this situation may continue for months, not just weeks).

That being said, our teachers of all instruments are now available to provide online lessons so our KAM families can continue to have the opportunity to discover the fun of music making while staying at home and practicing social distancing.  If you are not already one of our families learning virtually with Stan, Edilio, Silvia, or Miss Karen they are eagerly awaiting your inquiry about this new (for all of us), alternate lesson format.

Our KAM team strives to keep all of us - our students and teachers along with their families and communities, as safe as possible. The uncertainty of this situation makes predicting what comes next and when a challenge for sure – so please bear with us as we continue to monitor the situation throughout each coming day and adjust our plans as things develop. The reopening of KAM's onsite studios will be posted on our website and on Facebook (just as weather related cancellations, etc. are), as well as sent out via email as soon as possible. 

Although we will not be meeting in person at this time, in addition to online lessons KAM has created a website page with fun musical activities, apps, and the like that you and your child can choose to explore while away from the studios. We will be periodically adding things to it - So check back often! And as you are practicing and performing at home feel free to make a video of yourself and add it to Miss Karen and Edilio's replies under KAM's "Power of Music" post. Share any fun things you and your family may be doing to make the best of this unusual situation for that matter. 

I know these times might be a bit tough. Need 
something to make your day? Have you seen 
Tigger around town? You wouldn't believe how 
much fun it can be just strolling around (at least 
6 ft. away, of course) singing, waving, and 
exchanging smiles (not to mention the exercise).  
Or maybe watch a spoof video (or make your own)
 . . . Miss Karen has been working on one . . . still 
need to practice the middle part more (yes, we 
teachers practice too!) and actually memorize all 
the new lyrics, but here's one take with a certain 
extra star making a cameo appearance www.facebook.com/Karen.Amlaw/videos/10216302819187724. Are you smiling yet? 

In the theater there is a tradition of leaving a single light on when all else is dark and empty - a ghost light, which symbolizes that WE WILL RETURN. Though we are not operating onsite during these challenging times, I have chosen to leave our single light on in each lobby because WE too WILL RETURN to more wonderful in-person music making once this unprecedented public healh situation has passed.

The good news is, currently there are no confirmed or presumed positive COVID-19 cases associated with out KAM team, or students and/or their families; and there are no rumors of any either.  

Please stay safe – have fun singing your favorite 20 second tune while you wash your hands throughout the day, practice social distancing, take care of yourselves, and stay tuned for updates.

Musically yours,
Karen Amlaw, Owner / Director
and the KAM team