Musical Fun
for Your Child


Chrome Music Lab 
Age: Any 
(More complex results possible with increased music knowledge)

Your child can have fun experimenting with writing his / her own little songs, harmonies, and rhythms with a variety of instruments & more)  . . . little to no prior musical knowledge required.  If your child loved to just explore music this is for you.

Music Play Online 
Age: Any
(Some games do require at least beginner knowledge of music reading, but there is something for everyone here)

Children can work on recognizing rhythms, melodies, pitches, high & low or loud & soft sounds, learn about the instruments of the orchestra and more.

PBS Kids
Age: Pre-School

Make music, play with instruments, sing along with PBS characters your child knows and loves.

You can even sign up on this site to receive a daily newsletter with activities and tips you can use to help your children learn and play at home.

NEWLY ADDED Peg + Cat Big Gig
Age: Pre-School / Early School Age
PBS Kids App. . . Fun Exploring Math with Music!

SFS Kids
Age: School-Age (Must be able to read)

Your child can learn basic aspects of conducting, composing, and performing with instruments virtually.

Classics for Kids - Games
Age: School-Age

Your child can learn musical terms, practice note names, match rhythms, and more!

Age: School-Age (Must be quick to recognize notes)

Also Whack a Note as an App available on Google Play.
Other Note Reading Apps here

The Piano Player

Piano Game

NEWLY ADDED Musical Doodling - The Yo*Yo Mo Show!
Age: Any
Grab some paper and something to draw with and create along (or just watch and listen).


DIY Maracas 
Got a couple of small plastic bottles, a couple of toilet paper rolls, tape, and some beans or rice?  Add stickers, colored tape, personalize.  Than shake away to your child's favorite songs.

Vegetable instruments
Carrot recorder / whistle
Watch and listen to the Long Island Vegetable Orchestra



​Stay Tuned . . . Coming Soon