All instruction at Karen Amlaw Music is on a continuous basis - Miss Karen assumes that all students are continuing throughout the year unless otherwise notified.   At least a two week notice is required to drop instruction.  All students receive a stop form in their packet at their first lesson (additional copies are available from Miss Karen if needed).

The year is divided up into  four (4) payment periods: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  The Fall, Winter and Spring quarters each will have 11 scheduled lessons with the summer covering the remaining weeks in June - September (Please see the break down of dates for the current quarter under the STUDIO SCHEDULE button at

All payments are due the week prior to the start of each quarter.  The standard payment system is on a quarter by quarter basis. 

Due prior to the first lesson of the quarter
KOK: $231
Semi-private: $275
Private: $370 

Payments made after the due date, the last day of the previous quarter, are late and are no longer eligible for the 6.5% discount included in the quarterly payment plan rates. 
KOK: $247.50
Semi-Private: $294.25
Private: $396

An alternative monthly payment plan can be arranged with Miss Karen at monthly rates of $22.50 (KOK), $26.75 (semi-private), or $36 (private) per lesson.  Due monthly by the last day of each month for the upcoming month.  This works out to be $90 (KOK), $107 (semi-private), and $144 (private) for a four (4) week month.  Note: this does not mean you can pay on a lesson by lesson basis – you are still required to pay the entire month up front unless previously discussed with Miss Karen.

Also, no need to purchase materials outside of class.   All matierials for anyone following the KOK program (books, flashcards, etc. – everything required for your lessons except the instrument you practice on at home), as well as any needs for recitals are covered by a materials fee of $35 (first year) and $10 (each year after).

Any questions, please contact Miss Karen.
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