About the Program

Kids on Keys workbooks introduce students to 
basic musical concepts, including:

  • The musical alphabet
  • Loud and soft 
  • High and low 
  • Right and left 
  • Finger numbers 
  • Counting and rhythms
  • Simple intervals, repeaters, steps and skips 
  • The staff
  • Treble and bass 
  • Identifying quarter, half, and whole notes 
  • Elementary note identification on the staff 
  • Applicable pre-notated and notated music

Students also enjoy learning songs which build 
on the musical concepts presented in class.

During each class students learn basic musical concepts through playing keyboards as well as using a variety of manipulatives.  For example, we have a large one octave keyboard on which students initially practice locating members of the musical alphabet.  Once students begin learning to read musical score, the floor of our Kids on Keys studio actually is a grand staff on which students can practice identifying pitches and patterns.  Activities in the Kids on Keys workbooks help to reinforce concepts learned in class.

Students in our Kids on Keys program range in age from just barely 4 to 8 years old.  This program, which is designed to be an introduction for young children to the world of music through the use of keyboards in a fun group atmosphere, provides an excellent background for students planning to pursue private lessons on any instrument.  There are currently over 60 students in the program; and new classes begin regularly.  Many parents find it a great way to give their children their first exposure to studying music.

Parent participation in class is REQUIRED for 4-year-olds. Parents do not need prior musical instruction to participate. All other parents are encouraged (though not required) to join their children in class.  Many parents find this a great way to introduce themselves to music, as well.

Classes meet for a 1/2 hour once a week (3 - 5 students per class).  
Students are grouped according to age and knowledge.  
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To facilitate reinforcement of our class experiences students MUST 
have a piano or keyboard (with at least 5 octaves / 61 full sized keys) 
to practice on at home.  
For info. about instrument choices CLICK HERE.

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.  
                                           - Pablo Picasso

This recital series is designed to give our younger students a chance in shine.  

At least twice a year students in our Kids on Keys program, along with fellow young beginners from our many other studios, have the opportunity to perform their favorite pieces for an audience of family and friends in a fun, encouraging atmosphere.  Everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of how long he/she has been studying - If a student has recently joined us and therefore only knows how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb with her right hand - that’s fine.  The goal is to be able to take pride in what each student has accomplished so far.

Although not a required component of our Kids on Keys Program, many students do choose to participate in this.  

All performers in each recital receive a performance

Kids on Keys

Karen Amlaw, Program Director

Oh Miss Karen, you rock!! Thanks so much for a wonderful recital and for being one the bessssst music teachers a child could ask for!  

- Kelly & Julian Wagner -(Boylston, MA)
We think Miss Karen is a fabulous teacher. The (Kids on Keys) program is great and the kids are excited to continue.
- Melanie Harmon - (Southboro, MA)


Location TBD

Karen Amlaw Music's Recital Room 
in Downtown Crossing
57 East Main Street, Suite 203 
Westborough, MA 01581
I really want to thank you for all that you did for our daughter.  I loved your structured, goal oriented approach to teaching . . . I don't think that we could have ever started our daughter in individual lessons without you . . .  
You got our daughter off to a great start in what will hopefully be a lifetime of playing music, and we will always be grateful for that.  Thanks again for all that you did for her!
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- Mike Dillion -
(Southboro, MA)

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