Destined to sing . . .                              - Richard Duckett, Worcester Telegram
I've never heard her sound better.  Nothing sounds forced and the range she shows here is amazing!
                                              - Judi Lemoine, Lowell Opera Company
Photo: Richard Blinkoff, 2015

Karen Amlaw

Magnificent!   . . . Her high notes are stunning!  Beautiful tone with 
lovely vibrato.  I can't wait to hear her again.  
                                                       - Nancy Hill, Master Singers of Worcester
Gorgeous big rich soprano voice in a sweet-heart of a lady!  
                                 - Marion Leeds Carroll, opera director & concert organizer
Very impressive to hear . . . her voice shone, particularly in the high register.
                                          - Lucia Clemente-Falco, UCC Minister of Music  
Ms. Amlaw is available for weddings, funerals, church services & special occasions.  For more information/booking requests please